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Learn more about the Tahoma Clinic
Foundation and our research.

Who We Are

Tahoma Clinic Foundation, established as a nonprofit organization in 1996, is committed to furthering the study and evaluation of naturally-based, “whole-body” therapies.

Public demand for “alternative” treatments has increased alongside a rising interest in research. National surveys estimate that 40% of all Americans utilize some type of complimentary alternative therapy each year.

Natural medicine encourages patients to improve their health through lifestyle and diet changes. Natural medicine promotes an investigation into potential root causes of illness, and seeks to restore balance to the body. A preventive approach has distinct advantage to employers seeking to bolster workplace productivity.

Studies conducted since 1981 indicate that prescription errors, negative effects from pharmaceutical medications and hospitalization account for over 225,000 deaths per year in the U.S. The safety and cost-effectiveness of natural therapies has inspired a growing collaboration between natural medicine practitioners and medical doctors.


Tahoma Clinic Foundation, established as a nonprofitorganization in 1996, is committed to furthering the study and evaluation of naturally-based therapies.

All studies and research are under the supervision ofJonathan V. Wright, M.D., an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of nutritional medicine, and other well-qualified researchers.

Recent Studies

Hearing Loss, Aldosterone

The study documented whether physiologic quantities of bio-identical aldosterone (a hormone metabolite) significantly improved hearing for individuals with measurably low levels of aldosterone.

Niacinamide's Effect on Osteoarthritis

In 2010, the Foundation received a grant from the Knowledge Medical Research Charitable Trust to investigate the natural substance Niacinamide’s effects on Osteoarthritis in a 6-month, non-controlled, nonblinded study of diagnosed volunteers at the Tahoma Clinic. The study report of findings is available at

Berberine's Effect on Insulin Resistance

The study showed berberine (a natural substance) to be as effective in improving insulin resistance in recently diagnosed Type II diabetics as the commonly prescribed pharmaceutical agents.

Vitamin B12’s Effects on Bursitis

A similar study to investigate Vitamin B12 as an effective therapy against acute and chronic bursitis was conducted through a grant from the Knowledge Medical Research Charitable Trust in 2010. The study also sought to determine a correlation between bursitis and hypochlorhydria. Study results are available at


Grants and gifts from individuals, health care professionals, corporations and other benefactors are the primary funding sources for the Foundation.

Donations may be earmarked for a specific health condition if desired.

The Foundation is registered as a nonprofit organization in the State of Washington and is recognized as a public charity [501(c)3] under IRS regulations. Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by such regulations.


Tahoma Clinic Foundation also provides funding to patients who lack the financial capability to accomplish their natural health care treatment. Recent acts of benevolence include:

A 14-year old girl with lifelong cerebral palsy received a grant equal to 3/4 of her treatment costs from the Foundation for advanced magnetic healing. The patient sustained a 30-35% improvement in her condition.

A second grant of equal amount for high-gauss magnetic treatment was provided to a 9 year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy. The patient improved
by 30%.

One day I hope we are no longer talking about ‘conventional’ or ‘alternative’
medicine, but only the most ‘appropriate’ care.

- Dr. Ze’ev Young, Family Physician & Previous Associate Medical Director, King County Medical (now Regence Blue Shield)